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A Note on Pricing

All prices listed are estimates. Feel free to contact me with the details of what you want and I can let you know what the pricing will look like. I love to hear your thoughts and ideas. 

Senior Portraits


This includes one outfit at one location. Though it is not exact, the shoot will last about 25 minutes and I guarantee 30 final shots


This includes two outfits at one location. 35 shots guaranteed. 


Two or three outfits at two different locations of your choosing. This cost includes travel time between locations and the time of the shoot will depend upon travel. 50 final shots are guaranteed and it will probably be at least an hour at each location

Family or Ind.



This includes one outfit at one location. Shoot is about 30 minutes and there are 15 guaranteed final shots.


You may have one/two outfits and shooting will be at one location of your choice. Shoot will be about 60 minutes and there are 30guaranteed shots. 


Shoot includes two outfits at two locations of your choosing. Shooting will take 90min-2 hours, depending on travel time and there are 45 guaranteed shots.


In general, I ask for about $50 per hour of active shooting time. Every final, edited shot is about $3 a piece. Again, please contact me to get a specific estimate but this can help give you an idea of my pricing process

Some General rules:

- all photos taken are my intellectual property unless otherwise specified

- I ask that you let me know if you would not like me to publish your photos on my website/social medias

- I ask that as a courtesy, clients pay me in full either before or on the day of the photoshoot itself

- I also ask that you put down a nonrefundable $50 in order to reserve a date and time that will be put toward the final cost. 

- Any editing or other requests need to be made prior to the day of the shoot 

- if weather is bad on the day of our scheduled shoot, I am glad to reschedule 

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